Merril just wants Tahsin to help him with his English homework.

The doctor told Jeany to stop eating dog food.

I'll get Meg to do my work during my absence.

All I found is a pair of scissors.

Walter looked ridiculous.

They are baseball players.


Maybe someone made them do it.


Robbin is honest and expects other people to be honest, too.

I'm doing what I want to do.

Trying to fix this is a waste of time.

She is well known both in Japan and in the United States.

This drives me nuts.

So keep at it and don't turn back.

I won't buy one.

I want cash.

He is a very good friend, yet a little lazy.

I didn't really miss Theo.

The two fixed on the day for their wedding.


Is there a possibility that you're pregnant?


Kaj doesn't own a credit card.

Rob asked me to help find Allan.

I saw the doctor.

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He will be a good husband to my sister.

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The data in her paper serves to further our purpose.

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I was in a taxi driving east along the street.


So, my enemy, I won't let you attempt on the holy of holies of my heart, you will pay for it, I promise.

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He who is slow to promise is best in keeping them.


I paid 300 dollars for this guitar.

Ted is getting away.

Please accept my apologies.


I'll look forward to it.

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He noticed I was there.

I want to say one thing.

The divorce rate is expected to rise.

As far as I'm concerned, this coffee is too strong.

I thought you were at the gym.

Tell me what you did in Shounan.

I did not yield to such a rule.

Angus always seems stressed out.

You can't afford to buy that, can you?

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You should get some exercise.


Ross is intellectually gifted.


Join the fucking club.

Had they left a little earlier, they would have avoided the traffic jam.

Rick says that he wants to be buried here.

We must work now.

That dictator gags the opposition parties.

Someone called Johnnie.

Darrell was so traumatized he could barely speak.

My brother has never climbed Fuji mountain.

This watch is broken.

Evelyn used to be fun to hang out with.

Jane didn't know that Wendy was married.


Glynn wanted to know if you've already talked to Tarmi about what we wanted her to do.


He looked small next to my heavyset father.


Blood poured from the cut vein.


The principles of building a German sentence differ remarkably from those of building a Russian sentence.

They'll tell you the truth.

Ross giggled.


I think so, too.

I paid for the video in five installments.

My daughter has taken up doll collecting.

Keep learning and become a polyglot.

It is not probable that he will get well.


Most of the bodies were buried where they fell.

The corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles.

He had no memory of the accident.

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What brought you here?


You've never had a serious illness?

Ouch! I bit my tongue!

Marci doesn't tell me anything.

"I love you," she whispered.

I'm timid.

She brushed her hair.

This is Takayuki's book.


Tell me that story again.

Yeast acts as an agent in making bread rise.

The party was split up into two.

I was sober.

I don't think that would bother Suwandi too much.

Everybody ran outside.

They're good folks.

I chose the wrong answer.

I sold the car.


She is very talented.

You'd better go with her.

What kind of American accent does Wade have?

Do you know who killed them?

The lion is roaring.

I'll give you a call when I get home.

You know about them, don't you?

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The trumpets sounded the retreat.

Did you get the birthday card I sent you?

You should've said so earlier.


I want you all to know that I'll never change.

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He arrived earlier than usual.

I doubt that Kristen will ever come back home.

I was relaxed.

He met an unexpected obstacle.

I don't want to know the truth.


Ti rubbed his palms together.

We have a majority interest in the company.

How did you get acquainted with her?

The sun is up

Is she dead?


Enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Lewis and Duncan spent the summer together.

I thought you'd never call.


I want you to make a decision.

I'm cool.

I don't like this paper. It's too shiny.


I told myself that was a good idea.

This thing is completely useless to me.

I only wanted to talk to you.

I am not acquainted with her.

Stacey didn't appear during the meal.

Can Kris swim?

Gregge told me to head north.

A gentleman would never do something like that.

I shot him.


This is a chair.


She is fluent in English and French.

Ross was born lucky.

Joshua finished.

What's the minimum salary in Mexico?

I thought that was a done deal.


He even criticized George Washington.

We'll never get across the river without a boat.

They were on the lookout for a storm.

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I don't want to let him get the best of me!

You shouldn't text while driving.

If you die, everyone dies.

That was a low point. Things have improved since then.

Our teacher sometimes speaks too fast.


I'm just glad you weren't hurt.

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We like reading English literature.

That is mine. I don't know where yours is.

I'm trying to make a point.

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I'll need someone to take care of it.

Louie put the book back on the shelf where it belonged.

Where's that bottle of wine I asked you to buy.


Less students study German today than formerly.

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What's my doctor's name?

Don't bother asking me to go.

The child was asleep in bed.

We are all single.

I left my card in the room.

At the atomic scale we observe quantum mechanical effects that can not be explained by classical mechanics.

Kristi slept late.

I thought you were going to do this.

What are you hiding? Come on, tell me. You can't keep it from me. That's creepy.


The final decision rests with the students themselves.


Stacey likes teasing List.


I want them to be your friends.


Leung must've been a lot like you.